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Meet Shane Murray

Photo of Shane Murray


I am Shane Murray, poet, author, spoken word artist, and public speaker. From an early age, I developed a love for writing and poetry. It became a passion, right up there with my love for basketball. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. But I share my words and talents with the world, inspiring readers and leaving an impact on their lives.


My writings are inspired by my personal experiences as a black male, including the loss of my mother, Sandra, when I was only sixteen. These life-altering moments make my work authentic and builds connections with readers of my works.

I invite you to explore the African American life experience, and embrace the power of storytelling through my eyes. My poetry and writings will take you on a transformative journey. So prepare to be moved, uplifted, and enlightened by my words. 


I plan to write more books, but in addition to my literary pursuits, I have an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to supporting marginalized voices, especially those in the black and brown (BIPOC) community. Using my MBA from Westcliff University, I plan to establish a business empire that caters to the unique needs of diverse communities. Through these ventures, I aim to offer products, services, and opportunities while fostering inclusivity and equity.  

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