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Welcome to S Murray Enterprises! Experience the power of words with Shane Murray. Journey through the creative world of poetry, spoken word, and personal inspiration. I invite you to explore my captivating works that will leave a mark on hearts and minds. I have written several works, including "Boyhood to Manhood," "Civil Disturbance," and "90's Poetry Book." With each piece, I invite you to join me on a journey celebrating the richness of African American culture and hip-hop influences.

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Discover my literary collection, where each page invites you to delve into life, love, and self-discovery in the African American culture from a black poet's perspective. From my thought-provoking poetry to my spoken word performances, my words inspire, empower, and uplift.

The fun fact about my book (Civil Disturbance) is that all of the chapters are named after hip hop songs, so I hope the readers can get a kick out that.”   

- Shane Murray
Los Angeles WAVE Newsp
aper October, 2018 


Poet  |  Author  |  Spoken Word Artist  |  Public Speaker 

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With a passion for storytelling and a unique presence on stage, I am a poet, author, and dynamic public speaker who captivates audiences worldwide. My words are authentic and builds a connection to the African American life experiences. As an author, I hope my works will inspire you to embrace your own story and unlock the power of your own voice. Together let’s celebrate the beauty of black poetry, spoken word and the endless possibilities they offer.

But my artistry doesn't stop there. Through my public speaking engagements, I share my wisdom, passion, and insights, encouraging audiences to embrace their own unique voices and overcome obstacles. Whether it's a conference, workshop, or special event, my presence on stage leaves a lasting impact.

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